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Workcamps im praktischen Naturschutz

Projects and English Information

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Corona Update

Since our projects are in the fresh air, they can take place. The prerequisite for this is compliance with the hygiene concept. These are the most important points:

  • Do not come to the project if you are sick
  • Maintain minimum distance
  • Negative Corona-Test/Vaccination/Recovered
  • Observe sneezing and coughing etiquette
  • Disinfect jointly used tools
  • Negative Corona-Test/Full Vaccination/Recovered

We offer 3 workcamps in 2021:

Lake Middelburg (close to Eutin)

  • Daily Projects (you can also come 2-3 days but its without camping)
  • 22./23./24.September 2021
  • maintenance of a moor and a meadow

Lake Mönkeberg (close to Kiel)

  • 31st of October
  • maintenance of a semi-open field landscape

Hetlingen (close to Hamburg)

  • 26st of November
  • maintenance of an old willow alley

Previous Projects

Daily Workcamps at Lake Middelburg

 17., 18. and 19. August 2020   

Work assignment

At Lake Middelburg we maintained a moor. We cut smaller trees and shrubs and then transport them to the edge of the plot, as well as wood previously cut by our cooperation partner.            

Why is this important?

Moors provide habitats for rare animal and plant species.  However, if too many woody plants and shrubs settle on the moor, they draw   water from the moor. Greenhouse gases bound in the peat are then released more and more. By removing the woods, excessive evaporation and the formation  of forests is prevented. Moors store a particularly large amount of carbon and thus make an important contribution to climate protection. Through the moor protection we guarantee and preserve this.      

Cooperation partner

During the project days at Lake Middelburg we cooperate with the Integrated Station Holsteinische Schweiz, which carries out nature conservation work for the Schleswig-Holstein State Office for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas.

Workcamp in Arnis at the Schlei

10. - 12. September 2020

Work assignment

In Arnis an der Schlei we helped to establish an extensive grazing area for Galloways. For this purpose we mowed reed aisles in the reed monoculture and cleared a route for the construction of a fence.

Why is this important?

Keeping Galloway cattle on natural areas is a good way to reduce the growth of wild plants such as reeds and bushes and to promote the spread of a greater diversity of plants. Extensive grazing therefore plays an important role in securing the biodiversity of flora and fauna. In order for the cattle to be able to take on their role as landscape conservationists, the areas must be prepared in advance.

Cooperation partner

In Arnis we cooperate with the Schlei Nature Park and the city of Arnis.

English Portrait

Umweltzen organises nature-conservation workcamps in Schleswig-Holstein to promote environmental protection through participatory engagement. We believe it is important for people to directly experience the effect that their actions can have on the environment through volunteer-conservation work.

The conservation activities are organised by our project partners and may include tasks such as planting trees, bush regeneration or construction of park infrastructure. Our project partners will provide us with the necessary expertise and equipment to carry out all activities.

Our workcamps are structured so that you will undertake a certain amount of physical tasks throughout the day as well as educational and leisure activities. Potential leisure activities may include early-morning yoga, canoeing, hiking and singing around the campfire. Umweltzen will provide catering and accommodation, which will usually be in a shared room or camping.

The workcamps will last several days, which ensures that participants are able to completely immerse themselves in the natural environment, experience fresh air and fully appreciate the communal spirit that is fostered by group activities. Umweltzen aims to promote rejuvenation of both physical and mental states, alongside the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, develop networks and learn new skills.

Participants will need to be of a moderate fitness level and over 18 years of age. As Umweltzen is a relatively new organisation and wishes to support and utilise regional products (such as local, organic food), there will be a project participation fee. More information will be provided in the coming months.

If you wish to be involved, please send us an e-mail or connect with us on social media via facebook or instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!